8 Best Movie Night Themed Party Ideas Your Child Will Love

Turn your kid’s movie star fantasy from reel to real!😎🎬
Does your little one miss going out to the movies?
I’m sure we all do. From the dim room buzzing with people and the big screen to the smell of popcorn🍿 and fizzy soda🥤 everywhere. It all seems like a nostalgic, passing memory.
Here’s an idea: why not throw a blockbuster birthday bash with your little one?
It's not every day that young children get to watch movies with their best buds. Especially now with most cinemas closed due to COVID-19 health restrictions. But let's not let that dampen our birthday spirit.
We can still put together a fun night at the movies that will get your kid on the headline of any guests' Instagram feed.🤳🏻 With a little DIY here and there, it’s THE perfect party theme for a cozy, indoor setting.😉
So grab your popcorn and your fluffy birthday blankets. We're rounding up movie night party ideas on how to get you started. And lights, camera... action!🎬

1. Settle in with a movie selection everyone can enjoy

Movie Night Party

Okay, so your first order of business is to decide which movies you’ll be streaming for the kiddos. It’s also one of the toughest decisions you’ll have to make.🤯 Of course, you need to make sure they’re kid-friendly and parent approved.
With all the streaming platforms available out there, it’s easy to lose track of which movies appeal to the hearts of your guests. After all, nobody wants to sit through a boring movie from start to finish.🥱 Luckily, you don’t have to go through all the parent ratings and reviews.
Here are some movie suggestions we carefully selected with your kids (and kids at heart) in mind😎:

Movie Title Idea Sing!

  • Sing! (2016)

A Koala named Buster Moon makes one last attempt to save his theater from closing. He produces the biggest singing competition in the animal kingdom. It’s a fun film for kids who love singing, pop songs and cute animals. You can rent it here.

Movie Title Coco

  • Coco (2017)

Twelve year old Miguel is bound to stardom—he loves to sing and play the guitar! The catch? His Mexican family doesn't want to! Join Miguel on his colorful, musical journey. A great movie that touches themes on forgiveness, family and following your dreams. You can rent it here.

Movie Idea Secret Life of Pets

  • Secret Life of Pets (2016)

Ever wondered what your pets do when you’re not at home? This animated film explores the epic lives of manhattan pets as their owners are away. This movie is sure to put a smile on any pet-loving guest's face. You can rent it here

2. Get your guests to show up with these customized movie tickets

Make a statement by sending out custom-designed “movie tickets’’🎟️. It’s also a great way to tie it in with the theme and give guests a taste of what’s going to happen at the party. It’s customizable, so you can fill in all the party details.

In a rush? Skip the long lines and hefty price tags.😎 These printable movie invitation tickets keep moviegoing guests excited for your event.

Don’t forget to include their concession stand tickets for a quick access to the snack table.😉

3. Set the scene to your spectacular party

Red Carpet DIY

Give your guests the star treatment by rolling out the red carpet of fame. This nifty momma used red shiny wrapping paper as a DIY aisle runner to bring out the glamor. Want to make it even more glam? Cut out gold stars, and write your guests’ names on it, then scatter the stars all over the carpet. They’ll have a ball finding their names on the red carpet.🙌🏻

You’ll love this movie night party backdrop to liven up white walls or even your doorway.🤩 It’s highly customizable—you can switch up the messages to your delight!

Pair it with a couple of balloons, colored streamers and movie night party cutouts so you’ll have a punch of personality to the event. This can even function as an instagrammable backdrop for photos.🤳 It’s a great way of maximizing your space while making bright and bubbly!🖖

4. Spruce up the snack bar

Popcorn, get your freshly popped popcorn here!🍿 Before the movie begins, your A-list guests can drop by the snack bar to grab party grub. This movie night concession stand sign lets people know where they can get something to munch or sip on. It's super cute too! Mix it up with a movie clapboard to move your party to the right direction.🎬

Popcorn Machine

Looking for a wow-worthy centerpiece? You can’t go wrong with this retro-styled popcorn machine that fits any countertop. Not only does it look good on your table, it also keeps your popcorn warm and fresh.🤤

Serve this movie night staple on a striped popcorn box, to make it look like the real deal. Want to go all out? Let kids add toppings such as nuts, sweets and dried fruits to their popcorn.😋 They’ll be more than happy to create their own popcorn snack mix. Drizzle some caramel or chocolate syrup on top if you like—it’s a double dose of yum!

5. Stock up on sweet ‘n salty treats to snack on

Don’t let the kids go hungry by stocking up on their favorite finger food at the concession stand. You can offer easy edibles like pretzels, pizza, popcorn, and soda. Make sure to add variety to the table, so there’s something for everyone—even the mums and dads. Hot dogs, nachos, chicken fingers, and cheesy fries are also great snacks to binge on!🌭🍟🍕 Littles ones will go crazy for candy jars filled with M&M’s, snicker doodles, lifesavers and jellybeans.🤤

Need to keep the snack bar stylish yet organized? Print out our movie night food labels so guests can easily see where their favorite treats are.😉

6. Don’t forget this *totally* awesome cupcake!

Popcorn Cupcake Recipe

Who needs cake? Make your child’s movie night birthday party even sweeter with these popcorn cupcakes. A drizzle of gooey caramel goodness will keep everyone on their toes. Check out the here.

 Popcorn Cupcake Recipe

Does your little one have a sweet tooth? Does your little one have a sweet tooth? Here’s another fun cupcake that’s sure to put a smile on any kid’s face (get the easy popcorn cupcake recipe here). The fluffy marshmallows are no match for any turbocharged toddler or Hollywood celebrity. It is simply irresistible!😮 Top it off with our Movie Night themed cupcake toppers and turn it into a movie showstopper.

7. Settle in for the movie with fairy lights and throw pillows

Movie Night

Big screens and reclining chairs are nice to have, but those are insanely expensive.🥴 Regardless of your budget, you can still dress up your space while making nice and cozy for everyone. Hang gold dim lights across your living room and place LED tea light candles around the area.😁 These are simple ways of adding some twinkle to your child’s party. You can also spread out fluffy pillows, throw blankets and bean bags all over the floor so kids can snuggle in as they watch the movie.

8. Say goodbye in style with star-studded swag bags

What better way to send off your star-studded party guests by giving out themed swag bags, right?🤷‍♀️ Let’s face it. Your party won’t be *totally* complete without a little souvenir after an amazing night at the movies. Here are some Amazon finds that’s perfect to fill your goodie bag:

Assemble your loot bags using this movie night goodie bag. The vibrant colors and eye-catching design will make kids giddy with joy. Don’t forget to print out the movie night party favor tags, so you can pair them together!😎

And that’s a wrap!🙌 Preparing your child’s special day shouldn’t be that tough. You can keep it fun and cozy when you follow our tips above.

Your personalized printables to upgrade any party

Just because you’re stuck at home doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a magical movie night. For a more worry-free film viewing-styled children’s party, you might want to check our Movie-themed Birthday Party Set. No need to search everywhere as it has pretty much everything that you might need to plan that dream birthday bash for your kid—without the expensive price tag.
All you need is a spark of creativity, a pair of scissors and our printable set to complete the look.😉

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Best Movie Night Party Ideas

Looking for other birthday themes for your kid? Read through our blog articles for more inspiring ideas!

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