8 Ways to Roll a Humpty Dumpty Party, Egg-citing!

Calling all the king’s horses🐴 and all the king’s men👑, this little egg’s done it again.😉
Who loves throwing egg-cellent parties? We do!
Before kids were bobbing to “Baby Shark," we had our classic nursery rhymes to sing along to. Humpy Dumpty sits at the top of our list. We bet you can still remember the tune. This infamous egg is such an all-time favorite, even grown-ups love it!
What a great way to introduce your toddler to the wonderful (and nostalgic) world of nursery rhymes by throwing her one?
Here are some egg-citing ideas to make your planning easier.😊

1. Get the party rolling with an egg-squisite invitation

Humpty Dumpty Invitation

We all could use a bit of fun in our mailbox.📧😜 There’s no rhyme or reason why you shouldn’t start off with an invitation that makes guests feel special. Parents can even keep it as a keepsake to hang on to.
Don’t have the time to make one? This Humpty Dumpty Birthday Invitation looks too cute to roll out of a storybook! You can easily personalize all the party details while you’re making dinner. Problem solved!😎

2. Set the stage with an adorable signage

Humpty Dumpty Party Sign

Leave this colorful Humpy Dumpty Birthday Sign by the hall to give mums, dads and tiny tots a taste of what’s coming. You can also mount it by the wall or use a large easel to prop it up. When the party’s over, don’t throw the sign away! You can repurpose it as functional room decor. Your child can use it to practice how to reading and recognize nursery rhymes.🥰
Parent tip: Make sure to play the Humpty Dumpty song before guests arrive, so when kids get to the party venue they can sing along to the lyrics on the signboard.🎶

3. Decorate like an eggs-pert

Humpty Dumpty Backdrop

Woohoo, now we’re getting serious! If your wall feels like a boring canvas, bring it to life with this Humpty Dumpty Birthday Party Backdrop. The bright and cartoony tones add a blast of fun to the event.

Humpty Dumpty Birthday Banner

Don’t forget to pair it with our editable Humpty Dumpty Birthday Banner to create a fantastic nursery-themed backdrop. Feeling thrifty? Add mini-Humpty Dumpty cutouts to your balloons and party hats for egg-stra personality.

4. Assemble a table fit for all the king’s horses and men

Humpty Dumpty Party Decorations

We love this simple and fun set-up shared by super momma Paula from Brazil.💪 A charming dessert table filled with cookies🍪, kinder eggs🍫 and chocolate strawberries🥭 to delight the young ones! Styled with happy shades of blue, red, and yellow accents to match the overall theme of the party.

Humpty Dumpty Party Decorations

Want to cop this look? Place your scrumptious treats on wooden crates, plates, and risers for elevated styling.
Parent tip: Mixing and matching your food display helps you highlight each treat so it doesn't look flat.👍🏻

Next, decorate your table with this super cute crochet Humpty Dumpty that’s sure to put a smile on your young guest’s face!😀 Don’t forget to include his best buddies—the hardworking Nutcracker soldier and the playful English horse.

5. Serve up a toddler-friendly snack board

Snack Board

Looking for something new to serve at your next birthday party?😋 Try building a charcuterie—tots love it at parties, we promise! If there’s anything young kids love doing, it’s munching on to anything they get their hands to. A toddler snack board makes mealtime more interactive for preschoolers. This gives young party-goers delicious options to dig into as they eat and chat with their pals.🥦🥨🧀
Here are some finger food ideas to put on your board:
  • Deviled eggs
  • Fruit kebabs
  • Pretzels and potato chips
  • Baby veggies
  • Bacon-wrapped in cheese
  • Chicken nuggets

For parents and older kids you can serve up things like tacos, mini-burgers and mac ‘n cheese hotdogs. Don’t forget to print out these Humpty Dumpty Food Labels and make it easier for guests to help themselves.

Humpty Dumpty Food Label

Good food should be followed with awesome drinks. You can also dress up your guest’s drinks using the Humpty Dumpty Bottle Wrappers. Theme on-point!🙌🏻

Humpty Dumpty Bottle Wrappers

6. Satisfy their sweet tooth with eggs-traordinary treats

Humpty Dumpty Birthday Cake

When there’s a cake, there’s a party!🙌🏻 Birthday cakes are a BIG deal, especially when your child celebrates another egg-cellent year. For moms who want to celebrate in style without taking much of their time (and budget), cake toppers are super helpful.
Decorating can take all day but our Humpty Dumpty Cake Topper takes a minute to look fab✨ —no extra frosting needed. Take it from Lucas’ moist, kit-kat cake.

Humpty Dumpty Desserts

Does your little one have the sweet tooth?😋 Sugary treats are also perfect turbo-charged toddlers. We’re big fans of chocolate-dipped oranges, bananas, and strawberries. Healthy fruit goodness that's irresistible, even for mommies!😉

Humpty Dumpty Food Ideas

Pop our Humpty Dumpty Cupcake Toppers on any ho-hum treat that needs to look egg-straordinary.😁👌

7. Get toddlers on their feet with musical parades and relays

Kids playing

Time for the fun stuff! We’ll be honest. Decorating and planning food ideas for your party is easy-peasy. But keeping the kiddos entertained for a good two hours? It’s a different level.🥴
Here are three fun and easy activities for your little one’s party:
1. Musical Parade
Materials needed:
Musical instruments
Kids will love to be part of a parade, especially when there’s loud music involved! Give your guests toy musical instruments like egg shakers, horns and drums. Have them follow you around the house as they sing along to popular nursery rhymes like Humpty Dumpty and Hickory Dickory Dock.

2. Egg and Spoon Relay
Materials needed:
Boiled Eggs
Get kids to balance the eggs using a spoon. The first to get to the finish line without dropping their eggs wins a prize!

3. Humpty Dumpty Egg Hunt

Materials needed:
Humpty-Dumpty cutouts

Hide the cutouts around the party venue. The rule is simple—find as many “eggs” as you can and the kid with the most eggs wins the game.

8. Fill send-off bags with egg-spiring toys and craft kits

Humpty Dumpty Gift Tags

Finish off your party with keepsakes that kids will have a blast with. Think, craft kits and egg shakers wrapped in eco-friendly paper and Humpty Dumpty favor tags. They’re great to keep kids busy after the party while promoting their creativity. Moms and dads will appreciate the gesture!😊
Our goodie bag picks:

Time to roll a good party with the Humpty Dumpty Party Kit

Humpty Dumpty Party Printable Kit

Planning an egg-citing party that’s fuss-free and age-appropriate can be quite time-consuming. That’s why the Humpty Dumpty Party Kit  is a parent’s ally for an effortless nursery-themed celebration. No need to put your eggs in the basket! We’ve got you covered—from cute invitations to favor tags to make your child’s birthday special.

Love this idea? Just click to pin it to your boards!

Humpty Dumpty Party Ideas
Looking for other birthday themes for your kid? Read through our blog articles for more inspiring ideas.

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