Kraken Party: Dive Into A Deep Sea Mystery of Fun

Ideas to throw the Mystical Kraken Birthday Party for Your Little Pirate! 

Welcome to the deep blue sea where the mighty kraken roams! Get ready to dive deep into an ocean of fun and join us on the exciting Kraken-themed party. This celebration is perfect for those who are fascinated by the mystery giant sea monster. From kraken cut-outs to ocean-inspired treats, we've got everything you need to make the party a splash!

So, grab your compass and set sail on this nautical adventure!


Transform your party into an oceanic wonderland with the Kraken Party Collection. The bright pop of colors and lively designs will bring the sea to life, making celebrations memorable and fun. Each piece of the collection, from tentacle garlands to mesmerizing centerpieces, will immerse you and your guests to a deep-sea adventure! Ahoy, mateys!

Kraken Party Collection

1. Bring the fun of the sea to your celebrations with our Kraken Birthday Banner. Featuring the legendary sea monster, this banner is sure to be the catch of the day! Personalize it with your kiddo's name and you're ready to have a squiddily-good time!

Kraken Birthday Banner

2. Sail yer self a Kraken Cake Topper for a briny celebration! Featuring a massive kraken and a doomed ship on the high seas – this kraken-themed topper is the perfect finishing touch for the kiddies' birthday bash!

Kraken Cake Topper

3. Welcome your guests with a ferocious Kraken Welcome Sign! This printable sign will have everyone feel like they're set sail on a fantastic voyage! Place it at the entrance for a splash of sea-monster fun.

Kraken Welcome Sign

4. Don't let your party get out of hand like the Kraken! Label all the yummy snacks with these fun Kraken Food Labels! Add a touch of mythological fun to your spread and turn regular eats into tentacle treats.

Kraken Food Labels

5. Treat your guests to a sea of refreshments with these Kraken Bottle Wrappers! Celebrate like a pirate and add a little extra fun to your beverages with these cute, tail-shaking designs. Yarrrrrr!

Kraken Bottle Wrappers

6. Go full-throttle on the fun with these Kraken Cupcake Toppers! Showcasing the mighty sea monster Kraken, it's a tenta-cular way to turn ordinary cupcakes into a special treat. Simply attach toothpicks to these toppers and stick them into your cupcakes for added flair. Alternatively, print them on sticker sheets to create fun party favor bag stickers and watch them have a monstrously good time!

Kraken Cupcake Toppers

8. Get your guests to where they need to be with the help of a giant, mythical sea creature with our Kraken Party Directional Signs! These thrilling signs can be placed all around the party area to guide your guests to the oceanic wonderland. Whether you're directing them to the restroom, the snack table, or the photo booth, these signs will surely add a touch of nautical whimsy to your celebration. So come on board and let's make waves at the party!

Kraken Party Directional Signs

9. Looking for a creative way to add an aquatic feel to your party atmosphere? Spruce up your plain walls into a deep sea wonder with the Kraken themed birthday backdrop! Perfect for bringing the sea to life on the party table or serving as a backdrop for photos.

Kraken Birthday Backdrop

10. Ahoy there mateys! Are you ready to set sail on a thrilling adventure and make waves? Get started with our editable Kraken birthday invitation template today!

Kraken Invitation

Planning your tot’s Kraken Birthday Party doesn’t have to be complicated! Our Kraken Ultimate Bundle kit has everything you need to design the party - from personalised decorations to entertainment and birthday shirts designs. No need to search everywhere as it has pretty much everything that you might need to plan that dream adventurous birthday bash for your little one —without the expensive price tag.

Kraken Party Collection

All you need is a spark of creativity, a pair of scissors and our printable set to complete the look.😉



Get Ready to Unleash the Kraken for a Sea-sational Event: Kraken Party Games & Entertainment

Whether it's party bingo or tag games, we've got a pack of fun-filled activities that will keep the little ones entertained for hours. Join us as we explore some creative ideas to make this party one they'll never forget!

1. Toss the Ships Game: to play the game, players will take turns tossing a ball or beanbag through the treacherous Kraken poster's holes. The objective is to score as many points as possible by aiming for the higher-scoring holes. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins!Kraken Toss the Ships Game

2. Pin the Tentacle: A new twist on the classic game 'Pin the Tail on the Donkey', perfect for little ones who love the sea and sea creatures. To set up the game, start by making several tentacle cutouts. Blindfold the player and spin them around a few times before giving them a tentacle to pin onto the pin the tentacle poster. The player must try to stick the tentacle onto the octopus in the correct spot without being able to see where they are placing it. The player with the most accurate tentacle placement wins the game!

Kraken Pin the Tentacle Game

3. Kraken Tag: A classic game of tag but with a twist. Choose one child to be the "kraken" and have them chase the other children. When the kraken tags a child, they join the kraken team. The last child standing wins.

Kraken Tag Game

4. Kraken Coloring Activities Sheets: Perfect for keeping the little ones occupied for hours, this sheet includes a tic-tac-toe game, a coloring section, a word search, and a maze. Let their creativity run wild as they color in the mighty kraken and navigate through the maze for a quest.

Kraken Coloring Place Mat

5. Bingo: Looking for a party game that will be a hit with kids and grown-ups alike? Look no further than Kraken Bingo! With its tentacular kraken-themed gameplay, players will enjoy finding items like ships, sea creatures, and the kraken on their bingo cards. This game is sure to be a crowd-pleaser and keep everyone entertained throughout the party.

Kraken Bingo

6. Kraken Time Capsule: A unique and exciting way to capture memories and messages from the special day. The guests can write down their advice, memories, or words of encouragement for the child. When it's time to open the time capsule, the child will be thrilled to read the messages from their loved ones and relive the memories of their special day.

Kraken Time Capsule Note

7. Kraken Photo Booth: Transform your little pirate’s birthday party to a fun-filled voyage! Complete with props like a pirate hat, hook, and caution signs, it'll have guests feeling like they're in the depths of the deep blue sea! Prepare for fun, adventure, and plenty of memories to be made! Arrrrr!

Kraken Photo Booth Frame

Kraken Photo Booth Props

Packed with exciting games and activities, our Kraken Party Games & Activities Printable Kit will keep little pirates entertained for hours! From photo booth to tossing games, kids will have a blast exploring and participating in activities that will help develop their problem-solving skills and boost their imagination.

Kraken Party Games & Activities

Your Kraken themed party is sure to be memorable with all the daring and fun activities that are in store!



Kraken Inspired Party Food Menu for the Fearless Seafarers

Prepare to satisfy your cravings with these ideas for food and drinks inspired by the mighty Kraken. These sea-sational creations will leave your taste buds in awe and have you yearning for more. So, don your apron and embark on a journey that will make waves in your palate.

Here are six scrumptious Kraken-inspired party food names for kids' parties:

  1. Sea Creature Cookies: Use cookie cutters to make sea creature shaped cookies (such as fish, sharks, or whales) and decorate them with blue and green icing.
  2. Octopus Dip: Make a delicious dip and shape it into an octopus using sliced black olives for the "eyes" and red pepper strips for the "tentacles". Serve with chips and veggies.
  3. Deep Blue Punch: Mix up a blue punch using blue raspberry Kool-Aid and lemon-lime soda. Add in some gummy fish or octopuses for a fun touch.
  4. Kraken’s Delight Cupcakes: Whip up some chocolate cupcakes with blue frosting, top them with gummy krakens or octopus-shaped candies and finish it off with our Kraken Cupcake Toppers on top.
  5. Seaweed Wraps: Roll up some sushi-style seaweed wraps filled with your child's favorite veggies and/or proteins.
  6. Pirate’s Bounty Cake: A cake that looks like a treasure chest filled with pearls, gold coins, and other gems can be a great addition to the party. You can add our Kraken Cake Topper on top to make it look even more exciting.

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Kraken Ultimate Bundle


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