Super Simple Monsters Party Ideas that's Super Simple to DIY

A cute monsters party that’s “Super Simple” to plan👌
Hey mommies! Have you met the Super Simple Monsters? We’re sure you know them because your little one’s obsessed! 😜

Super Simple Monsters
When that xylophone plays, your child knows that a Super Simple Song is about to start. He stands up and will sing and dance along to these bright and colorful monsters.🎵
Songs like “Apples and Bananas” and “Down by the Bay” are so catchy that you sing along too. You probably have last song syndrome 😵 - that feeling when a song is constantly playing in your head. But you can’t help it, your child adores them.
So why not have these monsters for your child’s next bash? They've the biggest smiles to liven up your child’s party. We’ve made a list of the things you'll need for your child’s Super Simple Monsters themed birthday. Don’t worry, we made sure that these will save you time and will not scare your wallets away.😉

1. This little monster is excited to have you

Super Simple Monsters Invitation

Let your guests know that your little monster will be celebrating his special day. This Super Simple Monsters birthday invitation has the smiling monsters holding balloons, cupcakes, and even a microphone – they’re just as excited as your monster-loving little one.🥳

Super Simple Monsters Party Sign

Parent Tip: Welcome your guests with this Super Simple Monsters party sign. Place it by your entrance to greet your guests. You can even switch it up with a catchy line like, “What fun, the party’s begun”. What’s more, once the party’s over, this can become a keepsake. Have it framed and hang it in your little one’s room.🥰

2. Nothing is mons-TERRIFYING about these cute party decorations!

Super Simple Monsters Banner

Say “Happy Birthday” with this bright and colorful Super Simple Monsters birthday banner. This banner has editable texts, so you can spell any message you like! It also comes with the decorative Super Simple Monsters decorative banners for you to hang around your walls for a festive touch.

Keep the monster theme bright and festive with colored plates and big googly eyes. If you’d like to have some big monsters hanging around, you can use balloons and hanging décor like these paper fans and paper lanterns. All you need are some eyes (‘cause you know, some monsters need more than two 🤪) and some silly shaped mouths and you’re all set.

Super Simple Monsters Backdrop

Parent Tip: Looking for wow-worthy decorations to liven up your white walls? Dress up your party with this spook-tacular Super Simple Monsters birthday backdrop and capture the moment as your guests flash their biggest smiles next to these adorable and not-at-all scary monsters.

3. These monsters have some good table manners

Monster Bash Utensils

Make party planning a wee-bit easier with these colorful cups, cutlery and plates. Don't forget to add some funny googly eyes!  

But of course, we aren’t stopping you from using plates and cups with cute monster faces on them either. There are plenty to choose from! Here are some  of our favourites: 

Super Simple Monsters Party Decor

Parent Tip: Liven up your plain white walls with these Super Simple Monsters cutoutsThey’re quick, easy to set-up and add pops of color to blank spaces.

4. There’s a grumbly in these monsters’ little tummies

Monsters Fruits Platter

Little monsters like their fruits too. Parties can also have fun AND healthy treats. This watermelon was cut up to look just like a monster in this delicious fruit tray.

Monsters Veggies Platter

Speaking of fun… Try setting up your food to look like a face. It gets everyone’s imagination going and we admit, gets us excited to eat veggies too.

Monsters Party Food

Another DIY monster party had some sweet and savory monster-themed snacks. Monster Balls, Monster Toes, Monster Teeth and Monster Eyes… sounds like we need a monstrous appetite!

Super Simple Monsters Bottle Wrappers

Help your guests find their drinks with these Super Simple Monsters drink labels. Their cheeky grins will remind your guests to stay hydrated during the monstrous festivities.

Super Simple Monsters Food Labels

Parent Tip: These Super Simple Monsters Food Labels can help your guests figure out what icky… err, yummy food they’ll be having. Monster eye balls which are actually just meatballs or green-colored monster punch as a drink, you can get as creative as you’d like with your food titles. We’re sure your guests tummies will be satisfied with all the monster-themed grub.😋

5. These monsters with giant sweet tooth love their birthday cake

Super Simple Monsters Cake Topper

Cake toppers are a time-saving option for cake decorations.🎂 Try this fun and easy-to-use Super Simple Monsters Cake Topper for your monster bash. Did we mention, you can personalize this cake topper with your child’s name and age? How convenient!🙌🏻

Super Simple Monsters Party Sign

This Super Simple Monster is leading your guests to yummy treats. Set this up next to your snack table and be ready for refills. This editable Super Simple Monsters sign is also editable so you can place it anywhere you need it in your party. Desserts?🤷🏻 Sure, why not. Party favors? Yes, please!🙋🏻 This polite monster will show your guests where they can find what they need.

6. Time to get your monster arms and legs busy

Super Simple Monsters Cupcake Toppers

Have your guests decorate cupcakes in your monster bash. Icing makes hairy, but colorful looking monsters. Top them off with some sprinkles and other goodies too. How about these Super Simple Monsters Cupcake Toppers? They add a monsterrific touch to these classic desserts. You can even use these toppers as stickers for party favors.

Monster Krispies Recipe

Try making some Monster Krispies (recipe here) with the young and the young-at-heart.

Monster Games

For some fun, here are some Sesame Street inspired outdoor activities you can try. Games such as bean bag toss and can knockdown are easy to assemble and lots of fun!

Monster Games Pack

Try making your own monsters too. Create an activity station with this monsters activity pack. The kids can decorate their own monsters and bring them home!

Adopt a Monster Sign

Parent Tip: Use this Adopt a Monster Sign to lead your guests to your monster making activities. When they’re done, they can take home their own monsters – something to remember this party by.

7. Even these monsters have a big heart

Super Simple Monsters Party Favors

Need something for your party favors? The Super Simple Monsters have got your back. The bold, rainbow-colored letters and monsters just pop out of these Super Simple Monsters party favor tags. They are the perfect size for goodie bags and they are just so easy to attach – colorful ribbons or tape, whichever you prefer.

 Super Simple Monsters Thank You Cards

These monsters sure know how to tug at our heartstrings. Say thank you to your guests with these sweet personalised Super Simple Monsters Thank You Cards. A great way to say your heartfelt thank you for the grrrrreat time!

Your personalized printables to upgrade any party

Super Simple Monsters Party Printable Kit

Planning a monster-themed party shouldn’t be as scary as it seems. That’s why for busy mommies like you, we recommend this Super Simple Monsters Birthday Party Kit. The kit includes invitations, birthday banners, cake toppers, food and drink labels, and more!

Check out the Super Simple Monsters Party Collection to create an amazing party! The printables are editable so you can personalize with your child's name and age to make the celebration extra special. All you need is a spark of creativity, a pair of scissors and our printable set to complete the look.😉
We can’t wait to hear about your ROARsome party!

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Super Simple Monsters Party

Looking for other birthday themes for your kid? Read through our blog articles for more inspiring ideas.

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  • Yasmin Sanchez

    Any chance to see a kit with the other characters from Super Simple Songs? like instead of only monsters, to also have Noodle & Pals, Peekaboo, and the ants. Thanks

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