Indiana Jones Party: 23 Ways to Transport into the Exciting World of Indiana Jones

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Welcome to the adventure of a lifetime! Imagine being transported to a world of treasure, secrets, and excitement, all in the celebration of your little adventurous explorer. That's right, we're talking about an Indiana Jones-themed party! From hidden artifacts to daring expeditions, this party had it all. 
You’ve been warned - This party is not for the faint of heart, but for the bravest of the brave who are ready to explore the unknown.
Indiana Jones Party Decorations


With iconic relics, thrilling adventures, and daring escapes, our Indiana Jones party collection is the perfect inspiration for an unforgettable celebration. From ancient artifacts to jungle vines, we've got you covered with all the tips and tricks you need to create a party that would make even Indy himself proud. So put on your fedora, grab your whip, and let's get started!

Indiana Jones Birthday Banner
1. Featuring the iconic fedora, this Indiana Jones birthday banner is a must-have decoration for the party. Personalise it with the birthday tot’s name and age to add a personal touch and make the celebration even more memorable. Hang green streamers and vines around the banner to create a wild jungle atmosphere.
Indiana Jones Birthday Cake Topper
2. Inspired by ruins and the Aztec artefacts, this birthday cake resembles an Aztec temple. The flame torches, coins, compass and lamps are all part of this Indiana Jones cake topper set.
Indiana Jones Party Welcome Sign
3. Make your guests feel like they're embarking on an epic quest as soon as they arrive with this Indiana Jones party welcome sign. Hang it by the entrance to set the tone for a night of excitement and intrigue.
Indiana Jones Food Labels
4. Bring the adventurous spirit of Indiana Jones to your party with these food labels! Your guests will love snacking on "Temple of Doom Donuts" and sipping on "Holy Grail Punch". These labels will make your Indiana Jones themed food table a true treasure trove. So grab your whip and get ready to dig in!
Indiana Jones Bottle Wrappers
5. Don't let your beverages be plain and boring - add some excitement with these Indiana Jones bottle wrappers. Featuring the iconic fedora, compass, lamp and snakes, these wrappers will make every sip an adventure!
Indiana Jones Cupcake Toppers
6. Looking for a sweet adventure? Inspired by the films, these Indiana Jones cupcake toppers will transport your guests to a world of excitement and intrigue. We used toothpicks to pop them into cupcakes. You can also print them on sticker sheets to use as favor bag stickers!
Indiana Jones Party Treats Sign
7. Add some adventure to your snack game with this Indiana Jones treats sign. Think ‘Snakes Bites’ made by twisting hot dogs into snake shapes and serve them on skewers, or ‘Treasure Chest Treats’ made by filling a treasure chest with gold-wrapped chocolate coins, gummy worms for kids to dig into. I mean, why settle for boring snacks when you can have Indiana Jones Treats?
8. Let these Indiana Jones party directional signs guide your guests on a quest for exciting adventures. The rustic wooden designs, treasure chests, iconic fedora and golden idol totem will make your tots feel like they’re exploring ancient tombs and uncovering hidden treasures. Time to grab the fedora and whip, and let our Indiana Jones themed directional signs lead the way!
9. How about a quick way to decorate the party? You’ve got it. Bring the adventure of Indiana Jones by covering your plain walls with the Indiana Jones themed birthday backdrop. Perfect for photo opportunities or as a backdrop for the party table.
So are you ready to embark on the adventure and enter the wild world of Indiana Jones?
Get started with our editable Indiana Jones birthday invitation template today!
Indiana Jones Birthday Invitation

Planning your tot’s Indiana Jones Birthday Party doesn’t have to be complicated! Our Indiana Jones Party Decorations kit has everything you need to decorate the party - without the expensive price tag.

Indiana Jones Party Decorations Kit

All you need is a spark of creativity, a pair of scissors and our printable set to complete the look.😉

Party Food & Snacks Ideas

Indiana Jones Inspired Party Menu for the daring explorers

Yummy Indiana Jones GIF - Yummy Indiana Jones Temple Of Doom ...

Ready to embark on a tasty adventure? Well, dust off your fedora and grab your whip because we're about to bring the adventurous spirit of Indiana Jones to your tot’s party with these fun food and drinks ideas! Here are six creative Indiana Jones-inspired party food names for kids' parties:
Indiana Jones Party Food Ideas
1. Temple of Doom Dip: A spicy dip with a fiery kick, representing the treacherous journey Indy faced in the Temple of Doom. Perfect for dipping veggies or chips.
Indiana Jones Party Food Ideas
2. Lost Ark Sliders: Mini burgers with all the fixings, named after the iconic artifact from the Indiana Jones films.
Indiana Jones Party Food Ideas
3. Sallah's Snakes: Gummy worm candies served in a bowl, named after Indiana Jones' trusty sidekick.
Indiana Jones Party Food Ideas
4. Sankara Stones: Colorful rock candy or candy jewels that resemble the mystical stones from the Temple of Doom.
Indiana Jones Party Food Ideas
5. Ark of the Covenant Cupcakes: Chocolate cupcakes with gold icing and a hidden surprise inside, just like the powerful artifact Indy sought in Raiders of the Lost Ark.
Indiana Jones Party Food Ideas
6. Adventure Trail Mix: Create a custom adventure trail mix with nuts, dried fruit, and chocolate chips, and serve it in individual bags for kids to grab and go on their own adventures.
Indiana Jones Food Labels
Make your Indiana Jones themed food table a true treasure trove with our Indiana Jones food labels. These food labels are text editable so you’ve the free reign to get creative with the names!
Indiana Jones Bottle Wrappers
Add some excitement to your beverages with these Indiana Jones bottle wrappers. Featuring the iconic fedora, compass, lamp and snakes, these wrappers will make every sip an adventure! Plus, they serve as great photo opportunities too.
Indiana Jones Party Treats Sign
Don’t miss out! - use our editable Indiana Jones treats sign to write a personalised message for your guests at the food table. You could also use it as a centerpiece, surrounded with gold coins and jewels to give it an Indiana Jones vibes.   

Party Games & Entertainment 

Indiana Jones Running GIFs | Tenor

From treasure hunts to archaeological digs, there are plenty of ways to transport your guests to the world of Indiana Jones and keep them entertained at the party. Let's explore some fun ideas to make the party a thrilling adventure!

Indiana Jones Party Game & Entertainment

1. Treasure Hunt: Channel your inner Indiana Jones and create a treasure hunt game for your guests. Hide clues and artifacts around your party space and challenge your guests to find them all.

Indiana Jones Party Pin the Golden Idol Game

2. Pin the Idol Game: An all-time party favourite, a fun twist to the classic ‘Pin the Donkey’s Tail’ game. Perfect for kids who love adventure and excitement, this game is sure to be a hit at any party. Just like in the movies, players will be challenged to find and secure the elusive idol by pinning it on the target. Non-stop fun and laughter guaranteed.

Indiana Jones Party Game & Entertainment

3. Snakes Pit: This heart-racing game will have your little tots and their friends on the edge of the seat as they navigate their way through a ball pit filled with toy snakes and buried treasures. The goal is to collect as many treasures as possible while avoiding the snakes that lurk around every corner.

Indiana Jones Party Game Coloring Activity Sheet

4. Indiana Jones Coloring Activities Sheets: Perfect for keeping little explorers entertained for hours on end, this sheet is jam-packed with exciting activities such as tic-tac-toe, coloring, a maze, and a thrilling word search. Let their creativity run wild as they color in their favorite characters and discover hidden treasures within the maze.

Indiana Jones Party Bingo Game

5. Bingo: Looking for a fun party game for both the youngs and young-at-hearts? Bingo is perfect for fans of the iconic film series, and will have players searching for items like golden idols, bullwhips, and fedoras on their bingo cards. With exciting gameplay, this game is sure to keep everyone engaged and entertained.

Indiana Jones Party Tossing Game

6. Hit the Snakes!: Perfect for young explorers who love to put their shooting skills to test. Inspired by the iconic ‘why does it have to be snakes?’ in the Indiana Jones movie, this tossing game has the slitering snakes as the toss targets.

Indiana Jones Party Game & Entertainment

7. Costume Contest: Encourage your guests to come dressed as their favorite Indiana Jones character and host a costume contest. Award prizes for the best costumes.

Indiana Jones Party Photo Booth

8. Indiana Jones Photo Booth: Transport your tots and their friends into the wild world of Indiana Jones! Imagine posing with a fedora hat, compass and iconic movie lines. They’ll have a blast channeling their inner adventurer and capture the magic of the Indiana Jones universe with this epic party entertainment!

Indiana Jones Photo Booth Photo Props

Our Indiana Jones Party Games & Activities Printable Kit is the surefire way to keep your young adventurers entertained at the party. Whether the tots are putting their shooting skills to practice, decoding puzzles, or searching for hidden treasure, they'll have a blast while developing their problem-solving skills and imagination.

With so much fun to be had, your Indiana Jones themed party will be one for the history books! 

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Love these ideas? Just click to pin it to your boards!
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