Wheels on the Bus Themed Party Ideas for a Wheelie Fun Time

This party will be talked about all through the town. See what we did there?😉
Hey mommies! Have you heard of the children’s song, “Wheel on the Bus”?🚍 Of course you have! It’s probably on your Youtube’s most repeated songs or your recently watched videos on YouTube next to “Baby Shark”. This song is definitely a classic. Children of all ages, babies up until kindergarteners (let’s face it, even parents and teachers) can’t get enough of it. So why not make it the theme of your next party?
The quarantine made it a challenge to throw parties, but do not fret! We’re here to help with a list on how you can easily set up the perfect “Wheels on the Bus” Party, without making too much of a dent in your wallets.😎 If this is something you’ve been thinking of doing, then start your engines, grab your steering wheels and let’s get to planning.🥳

1. Get your bus tickets ready to board the yellow school bus party!

Wheels on the Bus Invitation

Imagine this… You come home and your toddler hands you an envelope. You open it and she immediately squeals. Why? Because she saw the big yellow bus!🚌 Although she probably can’t read yet, seeing that bus made a big difference. Invitations set the tone for your parties. Guests instantly have an idea of your theme once they open them.

Parent Tip: Busy mommy? This instant download Wheels on the Bus Party Invitation will save you some time. Cute jungle animals are saving your guests a seat aboard this bright yellow school bus. Your child’s name can be placed right on the bus so your guests can immediately see whose special day it is. It’s that easy!👌

2. Time to park the big yellow bus

When you hear about a “Wheels on the Bus” Party, you would immediately think of that big yellow school bus.🚌 It’s usually the center of attention for parties with this theme. We included some of the cutest party inspirations that you can also look at as you plan for yours.

Wheels on the Bus Party Decor

This mom transformed her kitchen counter for this party. All she used was (corrugated) paper. She wrapped the counter and made an extension for the front of the bus. She then added some details like swishing wipers and rolling wheels. You can buy special paper like this and more from your local arts and crafts stores.

Need something easier to set up? You can also try using yellow table cloth

Wheels on the Bus Photobooth Wheels on the Bus Photobooth

Even better, make a big yellow bus photobooth!📸 We promise both kids and parents are going to love this. For a showstopper, add some cute road signs around the photobooth. You're going to love the fact that you'll be able to personalise this photobooth with your child's name and age. Talk about creating memories!🤳

Wheels on the Bus Party Printable Kit

Parent Tip: No time to DIY? Fret not, mommies! You can still create a Pinterest-worthy themed party with this easy and budget-friendly Wheels on the Bus party printable kit. Best part? You can personalize the kit with your birthday child’s name and age to make the celebration extra special. Oh, and did we mention? The kit is instant download, so no waiting time needed. Perfect for any last-minute celebration!🥳

3. The décor on the walls go up

How about your walls, your tables, and your chairs? Even your plates, cups, spoons and forks? Oh the list goes on but your party fairies are here to help.

Wheels on the Bus Cut Outs

Decorate your walls with cute Wheels on the Bus cutouts. Aside from the big yellow bus, you also get other road signs like a stop sign and a speed limit sign – which we think would be great way to display your child’s age. You can also use these cutouts for your snack table, photobooth props and games. They truly are versatile.

Balloons add a certain feel to any celebration.🎈 Plus, kids love them. You can decorate your place with simple balloons with bold colors or designs. You can even decorate with bus-shaped balloon! The possibilities in decorating are endless.

School Bus Party Table

This mom’s creative table spread made use of different colors and pretty patterns. It’s simple, but the road with cars in the middle adds a touch kids of all ages will enjoy. We suggest mixing and matching your supplies like cups, napkins, plates, and utensils.

 Wheels on the Bus Partywares

You can also find partyware packs from Amazon that you can use for your own little shindig…. They have everything you need and more… like, saved time?😉

Wheels on the Bus Banner

Parent Tip: Let your guests know whose special day it is with this Wheels on the Bus birthday banner. One look and everyone will know that this is going to be a fun Wheels on the Bus party. Each letter will be placed on a school bus-shaped banner letting you spell any message you like. You can even change the font type and color to match your kid’s favorite. Talk about personalization!🥳

4. The gas tanks are almost empty? We got you!

Wheels on the Bus Party Food

Mommies, you can get creative with these snacks. Want something sweet? Try donuts or cookies that look like wheels.

Wheels on the Bus Party Food

Or how about something healthy? Fruits and veggies are the way to go. You can even check out some of the stoplight themed snacks in this mom’s DIY party. We don’t think the kids will know when to stop when the snacks are set up this way.😜

Wheels on the Bus Food Labels

Make things easier for your guests by adding labels to your food and drinks.🍕🥤 You can edit the Wheels on the Bus food labels to match your menu – from pasta, sandwiches, sweets, and more. No need to buy a stand for these labels too because they can stand on their own.🤗

Wheels on the Bus Bottle Wrappers

You can even type your guests’ names on the Wheels on the Bus drink labels to add a special personal touch.

5. Fuel up with these sweet treats

Wheels on the Bus Cupcake Toppers

Whether you choose cakes or cupcakes for your bash, there has to be a bus to top it all off!🚌 You can use a toy bus or some treats like cookies or chocolate, but to save you some time, you can also try these Wheels on the Bus cupcake toppers.

Wheels on the Bus Birthday Cake

Looking for a personalized themed birthday cake?🎂cake topper is a wallet-friendly alternative that’s quick and easy to set up! You can get creative and use them as centerpieces too. This Wheels on the Bus cake topper adds the finishing touch to any Wheels on the Bus themed birthday. Featuring a big yellow school bus with the cutest jungle animals, plus you'll be able to personalise the cake topper with your child's name and age!🙌

6. Now that everyone’s gas tanks are full, let’s play some games.

Red Light Green Light Game

How about a game that gets you up and running? Red Light Green Light is a game even adults would love to play.🚦✋ All you need is something red and something green… and of course a bit of space to run around in.😄

 Yellow School Bus Craft

Feeling crafty?✂️ For older kids, you can try a DIY bus making station. You can prepare cutouts of black circles, white squares, and big yellow rectangles. You can provide a few sticks of glue too. Not only is this a surprising quiet activity during a party, it’s also something that they can bring home with them.

7. The parents on the bus say… “Thank you!”

Wheels on the Bus Party Favors

Thank your guests for the wheelie good time with these personalised Wheels on the Bus party favor tags. Party favors can include candies, small trinkets, even books! You can place them in cute goodie bags or wrap them up with a bow.

Your personalized printables to upgrade any party

Wheels on the Bus Party Printable Kit

When we buy groceries, it’s better to buy in bulk – you get a lot of what you need in a short amount of time. So why not do the same for your party planning? Check out our Wheels on the Bus party printable kit.
Aside from invitations, it also has a birthday banner, food labels, party favor tags, and even cake and cupcake toppers. The Wheels on the Bus Party Collection is instant download and editable – you can add anything you want to make it more personal. Plus, the theme matching is already done for you, so that’s one less thing to worry about. For busy moms like you, instant downloadable party printable kits definitely make party planning easier and fun!

We hope this post got you “wheelie” excited to plan this party! Don't forget to send us an invite😉

Love this idea? Just click to pin it to your boards!

Wheels on the Bus Party

Looking for other birthday themes for your kid? Read through our blog articles for more inspiring ideas.

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