World’s Unplugged Day: Disconnect to Connect (Free Printables)

Try something new with your family this March.
Happy March, mommies! It’s already the third month of 2021 and it sure feels like it’s flying by. Times like this, it sure would feel nice to be more present – to be grateful for each and every day.🥰
In this fast-paced, digital age, sometimes, you’d just want to disconnect and have a digital detox.😵 To just be able to put your phone or other gadgets down, soak in some sun or even have a buzz-free meal with your loved ones – who ALL have their gadgets tucked away somewhere too. Sound familiar?
The first Friday of March is the National Day of Unplugging. Although it might be a little drastic for you or your little one to unplug for 24 hours cold turkey, you can start small. Try spending all meals together with no gadgets. You can even try an hour or two of disconnecting to reconnect through classic board games, baking together, or even playing a little ball outside.🙌
Start a new month with a new practice for you and your family – kiddos included. Get this FREE “Drop your digital device here” printable to help your entire family disconnect to reconnect.

Drop Your Device Here Printable

Set this free printable down in a basket or tray near room where you want your family to unplug. Try placing it near the dining room so you and your family can drop off your phones and other gadgets before meals.😊 You can even place it near your child’s study area so homework time will be uninterrupted.
This practice doesn’t have to end in March! It can be a new practice for you and your family. A little time offline would help everyone to be more present. Plus, nothing compares to spending quality time with those who truly matter.

Love this idea? Just click to pin it to your boards!

Drop Your Device Free Printables

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