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Ready for another poppin’ fun fact? Not to be corny, but, March 12 is Popcorn Lovers’ Day!🍿😍 Whether you like ‘em sweet and caramelly or salty and buttery, this snack is a staple for movie lovers. Something about munching on popcorn makes watching movies more enjoyable.😋
The pandemic has made going out a bit more challenging. Going out to eat, to get groceries, to play at the park, and even going to the movies. But it hasn’t put a damper on your movie-loving child. With access to Netflix and Disney Plus, you and your family can still have movie nights at the comfort of your own home.🎬 And guess what, movies at home means more (or even unlimited) popcorn!
Serve up your movie snacks in these FREE popcorn box printable. The classic red and white stripes and the “popcorn” label add a vintage feel to this fun treat. What’s more, you can even print one for each member of your family so no one hogs all the popcorn.🍿😋

Popcorn Box Template

These popcorn boxes can be used for so much more. Make it a container for outdoor gigs like barbecues or fund raisers, a snack holder for playdates, sleepovers, or even a cute gift container.
Speaking of cute gift containers, if you’re planning a movie night themed party, these boxes will definitely come in handy. Check out some tips on throwing an award-winning party for your A-lister. 

Shop Movie Night Party Collection

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Free Popcorn Box Printable

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