8 Ways to Help Mom Host an Adorable Ants Go Marching Party At Home

Ants (read 'aunts'), antcles (read 'uncles') 'n little ones will go hurrah, hurrah for this sort of festivity!

From Wheels on the Bus to Humpty-Dumpty, we’ve planned your nursery rhyme-themed party. But when your curious toddler says he wants one about bugs or ants, then don’t go about scratching your head. We say, take that challenge and wing it because you’re an awesome parent!

Ants go Marching

If you’ve got a tot who likes nature, nursery rhymes and bugs, an Ants go Marching-themed party might be what he needs! Today, we’re sharing with you 8 easy ways to help you throw an adorable ant party at home (without biting your wallet). It’s a great way of adding an educational element to your child’s birthday bash while keeping it colorful and interesting. Think, friendly ants, leafy greens, super ‘shrooms, apples and cookies!
Read on to find out more.👇👇

1. Send those highly ANTicipated invites

Ants go Marching Invitation

It’s not every day that we get to plan cool birthday parties for our kids. So make sure to celebrate in style, starting with invitations. If you’re swamped with day to day activities, you can take the easy way out by checking our editable printables.

Make your little one’s birthday a day worth ant-icipating with our Ants go Marching Birthday Invitation. With all these bright colors and cute critters, guests will surely march down to get to the birthday bash.

PS, our invitation comes with a free thank you card. Now that’s value for money😉

2. Insert vibrant party colors to your white walls

White may look super good in a minimalist home but never at a children’s party! Busy moms and dads, we know how hard it is to transform your place into a delightful space without making a fuss. But you can still make the best out of your neutral-colored wall.

Ants go Marching Backdrop

Start by printing your Ants go Marching Birthday Backdrop to draw your party-goer’s attention. In a child’s world this eye-popping, cookie-munching party sign is a work of art. Don’t be surprised if your kid asks you to place this above their bed after the big bash.

Ants go Marching Party Sign

Space too big? Our Ants Go Marching Party Sign has you all covered! You can easily add flair to any environment. Place it by the door to welcome your ANTicipated guests.

Ants go Marching Banner

Next, party buntings? Check. The Ants go Marching Party Banner is ready to hang up for everyone to see. Can we just say our Ants go Marching Party Cut Outs have the little details nailed? Stick ‘em to your wall to create a charming focal point or use them to accent your food displays, party favors and more!

Ants Cut Out

Not enough for you? Inject more hue to your crisp-white interior by adding bright red and emerald green balloons dipped with gold glitter. Relatively simple and easy to make but packs so much fun and sparkle. Because sparkles make everything special! Am I right mommies?
You can get your helium balloons and non-toxic glitter on Amazon.

3. DIY this ant-ertaining table accent

DIY Ants

Your table is one of the main highlights of the party because it’s where the delicious food is at. What better way to wow your guests than a rainbow ant colony marching around the table? These are so fun and fab, kids (and kids at heart) will want to grab one home!
Create this DIY centerpiece using styrofoam balls, pipe cleaners, craft glue, and colored sand. Make sure to decorate their eyes and mouths, so each ant has its own personality. Hurrah, hurrah!

4. Spread the birthday cheer to the snack table

Mac and Cheese

Mac ‘n cheese, chicken nuggets, mini-pizzas and tater tots are always a hit at any party. But do you know what makes the ants go marching?

Chocolate Pretzels

These caramel (or chocolate) dipped pretzel twigs with nuts, candies, and sprinkles look smashing.

Ants on a Log Food

But so are these ants on a log with celery, peanut butter, raisins and other things!

rainbow banana sushi

Fruity rainbow banana sushi, anyone? Parents, no need to get antsy. Your kiddo’s ants go marching party fare is a mix of sugary and healthy. Everyone can have their cake and eat it!

Ants go Marching Food Labels

With all those scrumptious selections, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. That’s why we need to make sure that our Ants go Marching Food Labels are in place. These ants are on their best behavior to ensure that no one gets lost at the snack table.

5. Quench kooky kids who are thirsty

Ants go Marching Bottle Wrappers

Ants may not like water but we need it in our system! Don’t forget to stay hydrated. Our Ants go Marching Drinks Labels will dress up any drab lake water or bug milk. Straws aren’t included but we know where you can get the cutest, paper straws. Pair it with colored paper plates and bright yellow cutlery so the theme’s on point!

6. Tweak your child’s cake with ant-eresting details

Ants go Marching Birthday Cake

Who doesn’t love chocolate cake? Moms and dads, if you have no time to decorate a cake to your fancy, check out our Ants go Marching Cake Topper. They’re so easy to pull off within seconds, no frosting skills required.

Ants go Marching Cupcake Toppers

Ants go Marching Cupcake Toppers

We also have Ants go Marching Cupcake Toppers to go with your tiny desserts and pastries. Bonus: the Ants go Marching Cupcake Wrappers are included too!

Ants Toothpicks

Pro tip: Let’s put a fun twist, shall we? For your finishing touch, add these ant toothpicks from Amazon. Put fruit and candy crumbs on them and carefully place the ants atop your cake and around the table.

Ants go Marching

This is a hilarious way to emphasize your little one’s birthday cake, like real ants carrying food. Your kiddo will surely be all hurrahs and giggles at the spectacle! So cute.

7. Choose activities that get the little ones *really* involved

A colony of ants might be easy to please but an army of toddlers needs to be engaged! Keep it short, light and exciting for little kids. Remember, it’s a party not pre-school. Let your kids rule, it’s their day!
The Ants Go… (Simon Says)
What you need:

  • Speaker and microphone
The birthday celebrant asks their peers to do silly actions as they march to nursery rhymes. By saying “The ants go… jumping!” or “The ants go… dancing!” then the other kids will have to do the action.
The catch? Players must only obey commands that begin with the words, ”The ants go...”
Create Your Own Ant Hill
What you need:
  • Brown Play Dough
  • Mini Plastic Ants
  • Pebbles
  • Green Pipe Cleaners
  • Paper plate
Get kids crafting and learning about where ants live by letting them make their own anthill. Toddlers will have a blast shaping the clay, poking through pebbles, and playing with their ants.
Ant Relay
What you need:
  • Plastic Spoon
  • Mini Plastic Ants
Each player gets a spoon and plastic ants. The objective of the game is simple: carry the spoon and ant using your mouth to the finish line. The one who gets to the finish line with the least number of ants dropped wins the game.

Parent tip: If all else fails, you can always make it into a dance party. Don’t forget to turn up the music with this party playlist from Spotify. Certified nursery bops, including the classic Ants Go Marching. 

8. Let guests march home with giANT smiles

Before we call it a day, don’t forget to thank ants, antcles and little ones for attending your child’s special day. Wanna know what’s going to put a giANT smile on their faces?

Ants go Marching Birthday Tee
Swag bags! Specifically, their own ants go marching custom merch. We’ll supply the Ants go Marching Birthday Tee Design, so all you need to think about are your cotton white shirts.
Anything else to get your young party-goers? Here are our top five goodies that go with your swag bag:

Ants go Marching Gift Tags

Last-minute reminder: Cop our Ants go Marching Party Favor Tags to complete the mix! Our friendly ants and pun-filled thank you notes are sure to delight the tots. Gingham patches are *totally* optional, only if you want a picnic vibe.

Customize, print and cut! Ants go Marching Birthday Party Kit makes parties fANTastic

Ants go Marching Party Kit

Phew, looks like everyone’s had a swell time. Our Ants go Marching Birthday Party Kit makes mommies and daddies stress-free!  From invitations to favor tags, everything has been made for you. With so many fun things to customize and print, it’s easy to bring your child’s f-ANTasy party today.
You’re very much welcome!

Love this free printable? Pin it to your board and share it with your friends!

Ants go Marching Party Ideas
Looking for other birthday themes for your kid? Read through our blog articles for more inspiring ideas.

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